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Things that make me smile...

photo courtesy Talis on Etsy
This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" is from our West Coast gal, Kelly. She's a pretty hip mom. Not only does this mother of two have skillz in the playroom but she also is a whiz in the kitchen. With a pastry chef background, she can whip up a birthday cake faster than you can say "Dora the Explorer" and it just so happens she is a pretty rad sister and wife, too. Here is something that makes Kelly smile...

"...It always makes me smile to see a pregnant woman's belly.
I love knowing there is life inside life. I love that there is a miracle right in front of me. I love thinking back to my pregnant bellies and how I loved watching them grow and move. Pregnant women are truly beautiful, inside and out."

Makes you feel kinda warm and fuzzy, right? Thanks for playing, Kelly!