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Things that make me smile...

photos courtesy Pandora's Box
This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" is from a fellow blogger and fashionista, Sarah of Pandora's Box. Not only does Sarah have an eye for couture and styling but she also has a panache for art, photography and discovering the beauty in everyday landscape ranging from graffiti filled cityscapes to the beach. This twenty-something's blog is definitely one that you should add to your "favorites" because it's loaded with inspiration. Here's something that makes Sarah smile...

"...So what makes me smile? Well, tons of things. Hot coffee in the morning, new shoes, a phone call from a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. But when I was asked to think about what really makes me happy and content and thus super smiley... The beach came to mind. I grew up smack dab in the middle of New York. The only beach we had to speak of was a LAKE, so I looked forward to the summers when my mother and I would visit her best friend in Connecticut and spend all day at the ocean. Nothing made me happier than collecting shells and playing in the waves. So when it came time for me to leave home after high school, Southern California was the obvious choice.

I love the ocean and beach for many reasons. First, I'm a bit of a sun worshiper. A sun worshiper coated in SPF 30 that is. Second, nothing is more relaxing and soothing than the sounds of the ocean. It's no wonder us humans seek out a view of the ocean in times of stress. And finally, spending time at the ocean helps me detach from the Internet, my cell phone and so on and just focus on my tan and whatever book I'm reading."

Smart gal. SPF 30, check. Good reading, check. No cell phone....oooh, tough but I am with ya. Thanks for playing my fellow h2o lover!