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Things that make me smile...

photo courtesy Fredericka Rose
This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" is from Meighan of Fredericka Rose. You can find a little bit of everything over at her blog. Inspiring or sweet images, fashion wants, novel suggestions and more, Miss Meighan reminds us that the simple things in life are always the best things in life. Here is something that makes Meighan smile...

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” .Frederick.Keonig.

"...This photo was taken in Laguna Beach in July of 2009. My boyfriend and I had taken our very first hike up to this cliff earlier in the day with my 60 year old uncle. Let me tell you... we thought we would breeze up that mountain (okay. fine. maybe technically its referred to as a hill, but let me tell you, there was nothing hill-like about it). Long story short.. by the time boyfriend and I heave-hoed ourselves to the top, my uncle was already there chatting it up with some fellower hikers. Talk about a dose of humility. After our hike, he took us out to the cliffs and showed us this incredible landscape. Just God's beautiful earth outstretched for miles. Later that evening (after many icepacks and footrubs) boyfriend and I drove back up to the top of the cliff... yes drove. We stood at the top of that cliff and watched the sunset. There have been few moments in my life as beautiful, peaceful, and happy as this one. Every time I look at this photo I'm reminded of the purest happiness I have. My life, my faith, and my loved ones."

That sounds like a picturesque day. Here's to many, many more! Cheers and thanks for playing!