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Things that make me smile...

This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" is from a fellow Windy City gal and dear friend, Shawn. Shawn can make me feel lazy on some of my most productive days. She is a marathon-er, techie extraordinaire, cupcake lover and all-around great girl. She's fabulous for more reasons than I could list in one post but most of all, what I appreciate about her is that you can call her up spontaneously and she is game for anything.  Whether it's catching SATC2 or trying out a new cupcake stop; {did I mention that we are both passionate about cupcakes?! oh yeah, we like 'em!} she's my go-to-gal. And here's something that makes Shawn smile...

"My adorable niece Laney, sushi with my girlfriends, snuggling in bed with my boyfriend (wait, future husband!), laying poolside in a fancy hotel, a day off of work, a long run or swim (!) on/in Chicago's lakefront and tackling a difficult triathlon.

But the thing that makes me smile the most are my PARENTS. They celebrated their 40th anniversary this past march, the day Scott proposed to me! Their love and affection has not changed in the 30+ years I have spent with them. They are an inspiration to what I want my marriage to be like. Not only are they great partners in life, but they are the best parents anyone could have. They always put their children and grandchildren first, when I say first, I mean, the drop everything to be with us. My favorite moments with my parents include: family vacations to our ever-favorite spots, trips to my BMX races with the tent, pop-up camper and trailer, Christmases, visits to my college, visits to Chicago and watching them enjoy their 3 grandchildren.

But most of all, they are always there for me when I need them the most: when I stole mail from the neighbors when I was 6 years old, when I suffered a bike accident that took me out of BMX racing, when I didn't make Rockettes in high school, when I couldn't decide on Ohio University or Florida State (they paid for orientation for both schools!), when I moved to Chicago (and about 5 different moves in Chicago!), when I have trouble deciding whether or not to take new jobs, when I broke my engagement off and when I call home crying about problems with friends, boyfriends or work. Thanks Mom and Dad!"

Shoon...you know I got nothing but love for ya. Thanks for playing!