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Things that make me smile...

photos courtesy Martha Stewart Living via Daily Cup of Couture
This week's edition of "Things that make me smile" is from the author of Daily Cup of Couture, Caitlin! Our West Coast gal has an exquisite eye for beautiful, delicate images of fashion, design and decor. She shares the most unique images of daily life for all of us to enjoy. And despite being new"er" to the blogosphere, my hunch tells me Caitlin will grow in popularity quite quickly. Here is something that makes Caitlin smile...

"There are so many little things in life that I absolutely adore, but there is nothing that makes me happier during this time of the year then perfectly pink peonies. This flower will forever be my favorite and with it's romantic charm it will always brighten any room. If setting my peonies in a vase I prefer to use a silver mint julep cup. However, if giving them to someone else I will always adorn them with a simple satin ribbon.

The satin ribbon reminds me of my next joy in life ... pretty packages. Giving gifts to others truly brings me great joy, but I must admit the best part of the gift giving process for me is always the wrapping. For those of you who are from San Francisco visit "The Ribbonerie" in Pacific Heights for the most exquisite selection of ribbon imaginable! xo, dCc"

Thanks for playing, Caitlin! One can never have enough peonies around the house and giving is truly better than receiving...most of the time. {wink, wink}