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Shimmer this way...

photo courtesy VS
This weekend I headed to VS for some...things. {ahem} And along the way, I took a gander at their sale and travel section. Long story short, I purchased a few beauty necessities and gave their VS Very Sexy Shimmering Hair and Body Spray a shot. All I can say is "whoa". This is genius in an aerosol can, a travel aerosol can, that is! It smells exactly like the fragrance which I happen to like and can be distributed all over your body almost like hair spray. The result? A sheer spray with hints of the Very Sexy scent that is not at all overpowering which delivers subtle, silver sparkle. Perfect for the decolletage and arms. I LOVE it. Seriously a great buy for weddings, black tie events or any time you want to be very, very sexy. $10 on special right now!