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Personally speaking...

photo courtesy Patterson Maker
I try not to bring too much baby talk to the table but it's been interesting lately...

Guess what I learned at my doctor's appointment last Thursday? Well, I learned that all is swell, healthy and well however Miss Thang is facing the wrong way...as in breech. The nerve! They say there's lots of time to turn her around. It seems like a daunting task but I'm willing to try all the crazy things they suggest in the books. I'm really hopeful that I don't have to do the whole c-section bit. Humph...operation "move that baby" into effect. No wonder I'm so short of breath...her head is in my rib cage. Cripes!

And last but not least, my glucose tests were off the charts hinting at what could be gestational diabetes. Yep, all this in 24 hours. Monday I took a 3 hour lab test, got poked and prodded and drank some pretty foul liquids - think warm, orange Fanta. But hey, there's a silver lining...tests came back and I don't have gestational diabetes. In fact, I passed with flying colors.

Did someone say PEEPS? Yeah, that's what's been going down over here. So now I just have a child facing the wrong direction. Did you expect any less? Me neither.