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Spring makeup

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Today's post is part deux of yesterday's post. We're talking Spring makeup. And while it's normal to see some rather bold looks at a trade show for beauty...there is quite a bit that we can take away and incorporate into our daily routines. The above collage illustrates two major trends in makeup: bold lips and wing tip eyes. If there's anything you master this season - please let it be the wing tip. And the old rules do not apply anymore, ladies. Throw on your boldest lip stain or lipstick and rock it out! ...and here's a great tutorial on how to create the perfect wing tip at home! 

A few tips to keep in mind when creating this look at home:
  • start with a fresh face and clean palate
  • invest in a good eye primer. I like Urban Decay
  • apply a neutral, soft color to eyelids - that's all you need; no contouring necessary
  • when it comes to lips - moisturize before you apply that bold color; less feathering later
  • skip the lip liner - nowadays the lipsticks stay put and fill in all the lines for ya
  • be brave! have fun! the bolder, the better. My favorite is this Revlon color.
  • go subtle on the cheekers - little blush will do ya.
That's it. Pretty much the equivalent to 5-minute beauty yet you'll be so current. You're welcome!

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