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Balancing love...

One of the biggest challenges of being a parent of two is balancing your love so that each child feels needed, comforted and secure. By far this beats the daily grind of juggling diapers and feedings and I don't imagine it will go away anytime soon. 30 days in and I'm already constantly worrying about the well being of sister one & two!

No one said it would be easy and I certainly didn't have a romantic view on how this first year would go however this is the stuff that keeps me up at night {besides the proverbial diaper change and nursing session} Not exactly ideal when you're scraping by on sleep as it is!

Two girlfriends of mine asked if having two kids was different as a whole? My answer was a resounding "yes"! Looking back, handling one baby seems dreamy. It has its challenges but not being able to pick up your toddler when she's crying because you have a newborn in your arms presents a whole new set of challenges.

I asked my husband if he thought we'd get through this...this period of hilariously blissful, sometimes frustrating, sleep deprived chaos. His answer: when do you want to go for #3?

...radio silence...