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2013 goals

Here we are...another year to make improvements.

I've decided to put some goals on "proverbial" paper this year. Ya know, to keep me honest. And to measure what I actually accomplish in 2013.
  1. Fitness: we just acquired an almost new elliptical machine last week. Rather than pretend that I am going to make it to the gym 5 days a week and become a work out machine, I'd like to be more realistic. So, this year I pledge to go to the basement and log on 45 minutes, four days a week. It's a step in the right direction.
  2. Health: I eat pretty well. But I really suffer in the sleep arena. Such is the life of a mom with two babies under two. That said, I'd really like to sleep train Lola and get back to some more regular sleep patterns. Like sleeping a consistent four hours in a row. That'd be dreamy. {pun intended}
  3. Relationships: It is no shocker that I need to get better at carving out "us" time with my husband.   I am just now ok with the idea of leaving the baby for a date night. I mentioned it here. Realistically, if we could go on one date a month...it would be a step in the right direction. No baby talk allowed, either.
  4. Career: I just completed a major assessment of my career at the end of 2012. Happy to report that it's working out quite fantastic. I mentioned it here. Now, I just want to maintain the momentum and be the best that I can be.
  5. Home: This is a big one. We have big reno projects in store including but not limited to: a. reupholstering dining room chairs b. window treatments for the first floor c. kitchen back splash d. new living room rug e. end tables for the living room f. a remodel of the powder room. In other words, I need to swing some big sales this year. Dually noted.
  6. Family: We log on a lot of family time internally but I want to get better at the extended family. I want my girls to feel close to their great grandparents like I did, etc. Monthly dates rank pretty high on my list.
  7. Organization: We are a pretty organized family but I want to purchase more storage and label everything in the basement while donating the rest. I also need to take major inventory of everyone's closet. Surely we don't need as much "stuff" as we've acquired.
  8. Hobby: This year I pledge to take more pictures using a real camera. I'm really behind on this and while I love Pinterest...real pictures of your day-to-day life are always the best. 
  9. Family Photo Wall: We have a great little nook in our foyer and I am dying to print all these great photos of our family together and individually to frame. Imagine...printing photos! No Instagram. I want them all framed in the Ribba frames like a perfect, uniform little army. Once we paint the walls...they'll really pop!
I'll stop there. I feel like when lists get too long; we often push them aside. I want this to be a realistic list where I actually check off items. Wish me luck and share what's on your list this year!

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