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My favorite Instagrammers to follow...

Social media has become such an integral part of my career and life that it occurred to me over the weekend that I should perhaps share the goods. I post as part of my FT job, to document my personal life and my blog and most recently; I've taken on some freelance gigs to launch a couple of emerging brands.

Without further ado...here are my favorite Instagrammers to follow along with their corresponding blogs. Worth the read!

  1. KellyWearstler: blog Her design, her aesthetic...major inspiration through and through.
  2. Bleubird: blog She's the gorge-y, hippie mom I always wanted to be to 4 beautiful kiddos.
  3. Targetdoesitagain: blog I eat, sleep, breath Target and these two fashionable moms feel me.
  4. Coralsncognacs: blog She is even nicer and wittier in person. I like a girl with spunk and a heavy dose of originality.
  5. Howtobeadad: blog He's really funny and it's refreshing to read a male perspective.
  6. Thezoereport: blog If I have to explain this to you then we shouldn't be friends.
  7. Glitterinclexi: blog I finally met her last week in person and I was so impressed by how genuinely sweet she was. And her new blog is amaze!
  8. Savorhome: blog She has a great eye. Her blog just calms me like no other.
  9. Bjonesstyle: blog She brings the funk and she's a mom. I just think she's rad.
  10. Southsocialandhome: blog She designed our first nursery and she knows how to translate someone's brain into decor. Love her.
And while we're at it...are we following each other? Here I am!

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