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Working for the weekend.

Today's post is about my husband. Confused? Let me explain...

For the last three weeks I've been eating, sleeping, breathing...and sort of vomiting work. (in a good way) Frankly, he's a saint. I would be tired of me. He's been so patient with my distraction but also the best cheerleader I could ask for. 

So...if you're reading this Jack (you better be!) -- THANK YOU for being such an amazing husband and father. Your patience is extraordinary.

He also takes it in stride when I ask him to pull over for some blog photos. Not sure if I mentioned this...but, I really love my husband. 

I worked all weekend and this was all that I could muster. Then again, sometimes the basics just work. And these jeans...they are like pajama pants. I immediately reach for them when I know I'm in for a long day.

I live in jeans on the weekends. After all the fancy is over from the business week, it's the first thing I slide on when I get home. Even if I am working for the weekend AND on the weekend.

Shop my outfit below: