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Happiness is...

  • drinking a tropical drink named "Inspiration" - aptly so while gazing at palm trees, the ocean and an infinity pool
  • hearing another language and realizing you are very far from home
  • your husband feeding you M&M's while you are showering outside
  • discussing what type of parent you'll be and what you will do with your kids on Saturday's
  • meat on a stick
  • staring at your left hand and having a hard time recalling what a naked ring finger once looked like
  • skinny dipping. period.
  • going to sleep every night and being able to touch or feel that person next to you
  • bug spray and lingerie
  • cocktail hour and rain showers
  • not wearing a bra or makeup
  • witnessing a different religion and feeling spiritual and small all at the same time
  • a glass of wine at 10am
  • haggling with jolly street vendors
  • sunrises and sunsets
  • learning how to say hello in a different language
  • laughing so hard it hurts whilst being frightened at the same time (more on that later)
  • temples and wats
  • buying souvenirs
These are just a few of the things I jotted down on the back of a menu during my 2 week stint in Thailand. And can I just say for the record...it was amazing!